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Akubra Care 101: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Classic Hat in Top Shape

The Akubra hat, an Aussie icon synonymous with style and resilience, has graced the heads of individ

31st Mar 2024

The Cinch Effect: Transforming Your Outfit from Outback to Urban Chic

In the vast and rugged landscapes of Australia, where the sun sets over red horizons and the outback

26th Mar 2024

Australian Heritage in Every Stitch: RM Williams Apparel Now Available at Kimberley Country Department Store

Australia, with its expansive landscapes and rich heritage, has given rise to iconic symbols that re

23rd Mar 2024

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Take a walk thru an iconic Australian landmark of an Old Station Homestead. Breathe in the old leathers & timbers of yesteryear that have survived the harsh outback conditions thru generations, bustling cattle kicking up dust as they come into the yards on a muster, an old weathered rocking chair sits on the deck under the wrap around tin veranda where old saddlery & well worn leather boots lay. 

Fragrance Notes: Smokey Hickory Wood & Warm Amber.

Superior Cocosoy wax combined with a plant based additive (vegan friendly) with lead free cotton wick. Handpoured in the Southern Wheatbelt Region, WA encased in a stunning Rose Gold Copper Glass Tumbler with Inner Mirror Finish, Gift Boxed.

350 grams | Approx Burn Time: 60 hours

Diamonds & Dust

$41.99 - $46.99

Diamonds & Dust Candles Old Station Homestead Take a walk thru an iconic Australian landmark of …